Monday, October 03, 2005

Day 31 - Tianzhu to Zhenyuan

Start: Tianzhu, Guizhou province (China)
End: Zhenyuan, Guizhou province (China)
Distance: 121km
Time: 8'24"
Avg: 14.4 k/h
Max: 44.5 k/h
Total: 2169 km
Total riding days: 23
Roadkill: Nothing much, but I did see the biggest moth you ever did
see, as big as my hand. Not dead though, so it doesn't count.
Riding hours: 0920 - 1840

Perfect, quiet road through the hills from Tianzhu to Sansui. Very
rough road up over double pass to Zhenyuan.

Legs were flying today, after feeling dead yesterday.

Bike now mud-caked after a climb and descent on a slick mud surface.
Made it into Zhenyuan just as it was getting dark. First town in China
I've ever been in where all the hotels are full. It's still holiday
time (National Day) and Zhenyuan is apparently a big tourist
destination (all Chinese tourists I think - I've not seen any
foreigners in town). Eventually one little place found a room in the
back for me. I am sharing a room with a small aquarium containing a
lonely-looking minnow and two red roses.

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  1. On Monday 23rd. January 2012, a small party of English, Singaporean, Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese, gathered for a family New Year and Wedding in a nearby village, bought some bread and biscuits (as a townies' change from delicious rice dishes) in a bakers' shop in Tianzhu town. The proprietor remembered selling, in a previous year, "lots of bread" to a "foreigner on a bicycle". This must surely be you!