Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hallo Yushu
More soon


  1. There it's happened again, I go away for what seems like a few minutes and everything starts to kick off.

    What's worse I can't breath let alone laugh due to 2 bruised suspect fractured ribs. Assmund if you want real danger in your life go to Wales. It's extreme beyond belief, nice effort from NSNP to keep afore mentioned norwegian loon under control. Nice touch with Boiling in Oil and I also liked "the boy who cried wolf!" comment.

    Ah time already for a nice cup of tea, the boat race on telly and some more Voltarol (industrial strentgh painkillers and I must say they're very morish)

  2. Ed!

    If yesterdays theory of why you put so much fun and danger into this bikeride was wrong,then I have two more theories.

    Like a lot of young men you are afraid of the BIG c. So you leave it up to luck to get back to England.
    Wrong again?
    And a bit personal?
    A bit over the top too personal? What!
    You take away my "2wheels freedom award"?
    Calm down,calm down I will behave!
    I promise!
    I have just one more theory.
    Please listen,just one more!
    It is harmless I promise.
    I am really scraping the barrel here(or whatever).
    I can`t let any stone be unturned(or whatever).

    You are planning to write a book and are trying to get so much exitement into the returnride as possible?
    Am I right?
    Did I get it!
    As a reward can I get my " 2wheels freedom award" back?
    Can you think about it till Tuesday?
    Well at least I got the answer right!
    Let me quote Neil Young:
    "I may be dum,but I ain`t stupid!"

    But Ed,if you try to squeeze a bridgeless track into your book you will never be able to write it!


  3. I will be back another day to explain the difference between to "cry wolf",witch I did in the beginning, and to "warn about wolves" as I have done ever since.



  4. Hello, Yushu!?

    Does this mean you've got a cold or have you really reached Yushu?



  5. Part 1.

    Looks like Ed spendt his day reading and writing e-mails. And no,I have not written him a single e-mail since January.
    I guess I got a bit too close to the truth,so I have probably been kicked out of this blog. I had plans to leave anyway. As soon as Ed is leaving Yushu there will be no more wangbas before the 400(?) km bridgeless "killer" track starts. And it would be cruel of me to continnue to write here after Ed is gone.

    In Mongolia I used to ask Ed to be a bit more truthful in his blog about problems he had had along the way. If he mentioned problems they would often be half-truths. Like when he had big problems with dogs between Zhongdian and Dege. But all he wrote about it was a line or two - in French. I thought it was the noble idea of protecting family and friends from worrying,but lately I have come to the conclusion it was to keep them in the dark so they would not understand the danger level of what he is doing now.
    This way he would be free to do whatever he wanted to do.
    No questions asked. But then someone more senior than himself started to ask questions and tried to inform.

    In Mongolia my main objection about not telling the full truth was the "responsibility" towards those who read his e-mails and this blog.
    More than 1000 people subscribe to his e-mails. Lets say 100 wish to start a long bikeride and 10 will start some day. He has a "duty" to inform them it is not all safe and risk free.
    Parts of all my warnings have been meant for them.


  6. Part 2.

    Before i go I have to comment on "The boy who cried wolf." It has been repeated a few times now that I do just that.
    I remember the story from childhood. A shepherd boy liked to cry wolf even there was no wolf around. One day he truthfully cried wolf,but nobody believed him. So the wolf killed the sheeps he was guarding one by one.
    I did cry wolf in the beginning.
    No doubt about it. I really believed Ed had "lost" it. One reason I have not mentioned before was a feeling somthing had gone wrong in C.M.
    That would have been a problem life brings to most of us.
    But some of us just can`t handle it. I have no longer any reason to believe anything went wrong in C.M. or since then. And I sincerely hope nothing goes wrong now. That would be dangerous.
    (If some of you didn`t understand that part then you were not meant to understand it).

    Also the picture taken just before he left Zhongdian did definately not look like the Ed I knew. That made me wonder even more. Had he changed? What had he become?
    Then I added this and what I have mentioned on previous occations. Adding again with what I thought was someone with no experience with high altitude nor with real winters.The sum I got was d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r.

    Then I really started to cry "wolf". People started to "stone" me,but that didn`t stop me. I thought my friend was about to die and I had no other place to cry "wolf" than in his blog. It took a very long time before someone remotely close to Ed said he was intelligent and level headed and had been to Everest Base Camp. Why it took so long time to come with some calming information? I don`t know!
    Shortly thereafter Ed surfaced to a newfound fame and interest. With a healthy mind and body.

    If I am embarrased about it all?
    Yes I am "sink through the ground" embarrased about it!
    But I am not ashamed.
    If I will do it again for someone else?
    No,not at all! Well,not today anyway. Maybe tomorrow. I guess it depends on the situation.
    I prefer to be a loner and then I don`t have to deal with people like you.

    The rest of the time since then I have NOT been crying "wolf".
    I have constantly warned against "wolves" = danger. But Ed has become "addicted" to danger. And wants for some odd reason to seek it out in big quantities. No matter if he has to pay the "full price" or not.

    Parts of my constant warnings against dangers was aimed at his family and friends and parts of it aimed at future cyclists. Filling out some of the gaps Ed prefers to leave out.

    Easter is cry "wolf" season in Norway. Every day a high number of search groups will go out into winter wonderland to go looking for people missing all over the country. Most of the searches should never have been started. Many are started because of missunderstandings and some out of pure stupidity. But most missing person calls are followed up in fear out of not searching the times it really is a life and death situation.
    To cry "wolf" as a hoax is a crime. But to cry "wolf" when someone thinks something is seriously wrong is not. If it was,no one would cry "wolf" anymore and lives would be lost.


    I saw a few weeks ago you last year had questions about wolves on LP. Wolves born in captivity are very dangerous,but those born free and living free are not. They are so shy they will stay well clear of humans. Only exeptions would probably be if they are starved,rabied,cornered or protecting their offsprings.
    I think I only have seen a wolf up close once in Canada. In norway they are sadly nearly extinct.
    I remember one night in Yukon, Canada. I cycled through the whole night looking at the most amazing Northern-Lights I have ever seen.
    A link on the chain locked so I went down this track to change it. Nearly finished I had two-three wolves howling at each other near by.
    It was marvelous!
    In the end I could not help myself. I had to join in! For me I sounded just the same as they had sounded seconds earlier. But for some odd reason they did not reply.

    It was only September,but I had several minus that night. Very cold and tired I had breakfast at the McDonald`s in Whitehorse. So somehow I ruined the night a bit just there...


  7. Part 3.

    Maybe a bit more education of future cyclists?
    You know the story where Ed were very unlucky and lost his bike?
    But was he unlucky?
    Or was he just gullible and naive?
    Ed camped 15 km past Ulaan Baatar,by a beautiful river.
    A village with poor people nearby. Many people would see him every day. They would tell other people about him,who would tell other people about him and so on. By the third(?) night the whole village and parts of U.B. would know about him.

    A large number of men in and around U.B. have a terrible drinking problem. It would be just a question about time before someone had finished their last bottle of Djengis Vodka and started to wonder where to get the money for the next weeks supply of seven vodka bottles.

    Ed would be a "natural" solution.
    Just someone very drunk would think dragging a bike on a stony ground for 500 meters would be a good idea.

    So instead of calling Ed unlucky I will call him lucky not to have been the victim of someone more drunk and far more violent.

    If you,future cyclists,want to camp at a nice place with people around. At least wait untill they are all gone. Go back. Camp and get up at daybreake or before.
    Don`t camp a second night at the same dodgy spot!
    What I would do? Camp in the bushes for one night. Sit by the river until I had enough. Then leave.

    While Ed was beeing robbed,I was staying in a birch forest far away. Same camp spot as in 98. Very quiet and peaseful. I met him by chanse yet again at the Chinese Embassy,heartbroken and sad.
    It must have been this natural sadness that I thought later had developed into something much,much worse. (Oh no, now I`m getting hot and embarrased one more time!)

    By the way. An incredible high number of children live on the streets of Ulaan Baatar.
    Where they go to survive the winter with temperatures down to -40C,I don`t know.
    Most of them have escaped a drunk and violent father.
    Some of them have simply been thrown out of their own home.
    They all need people to care for them.
    So they can get a life they are glad to be living.
    And not end up like their own parents.
    I think Ed supports one organisation that helps the homeless children of Ulaan Baatar.

    Please support!

    Kind Ed supports a lot of good organisations.
    I am a bit more worried with what "macho Ed" is up to.
    Problem is that "macho Ed" will pull good hearted Ed down with him.
    That is the thought I can`t handle.

    Well,only time will tell.


  8. Ed!

    I will be nearby if you "need" me...




  9. I might be stupid but atleast I'm not ashamed to tell people.

    Which Yushu? found 3 sofar is there a better map available? As this google one I found is shit! Come along you webheads and computer wizzards help me out!

    I'm struggling here

  10. It says 11 comments but I can count only 7 comments; (oh and 4 essays).

    Asmund, you don't half go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on......


    Leonid Tolstoy

  11. Asmund is the liter-ary answer to the energiser bunny

  12. Ed!

    How soon is soon?

    Did you somehow shortcircut the key-board or did "macho Ed" come and just simply smash it?
    Anyway,will it be replaced by Wednesday?

    What am I doing on your blog?
    Well you haven`t officially kicked me out yet...

    It is a bit late to demand full freedom for you now. To achieve that you should have started in early childhood by developing a personality nobody would ever like. By the time you were ready to leave on this trip people would be pushing you out the door with the words: "Don`t bother to ever come back!" Then you would have had your full freedom. By now it is too late.

    Many people love you and the rest of us like you. Maybe a bit too much for our own good. But when you have made people love you,you have a responsibility not to do stupid things that will kill you and "kill their soul".
    To try to make people love and like you less now,will not give you more freedom,but leave a lasting impression you were not well.

    Why is the bridgeless track so important to you anyway?
    So you can send your "hero" Janne C. an e-mail that you have crossed it on a bike? Well that will be an e-mail you will never be able to send.

    Road 214 is just outside your door. If you go on it you will probably make it and then you will be the first cyclist in the world who has crossed the Tibetan Platau in wintertime.
    Isn`t that good enough for you?
    If you were prepared for high mountain winter cycling in beginning of February. Then you have a good chance to survive 214 now. Two months later.

    Feeling angry? It is just "macho Ed" trying to get in controle.
    He is closely related to you so he can`t be stupid. Even he would have some selfcontrole. Hopefully.

    You know a picture can tell a thousand words.
    Why don`t you buy a pair of "liang kuai" rubber gloves and have someone take your picture while you show us how you really feel?

    But wait 30 minutes or so until you have calmed down so the picture doesn`t get too impulsiv and expressiv.

    Oh no!
    Did he go straight out to take the pickture before he had calmed down?

    I better go home and recharge my batteries with the weekly Smith&Jones rerun.

    Peace&Good Luck to you Ed!


  13. Ed?

    Where are you?
    Do I have a reason to worry?
    What if "macho Ed" is in controle and he really feels 14 3/4.
    Would he then make a mad dash for the bridgeless track just to prove he is 100% free and with 100% controle?

    By the way.
    Because I don`t have money I stay with my mom. I will of course pay her eventually. Even more embarrasing is it that I for the last month haven`t been working. So I have to borrow money from her to pay for my daily wangba bills and the lot.

    So don`t come running to me complaining about you having lost 1% of your freedom.
    I have no freedom at all.

    This is a bit embarrasing for me to admitt so I would be very glad if you put some text in your blog so no on one would read these comments down here any more.




  14. Well old bean I'll help you out and make it 16, couple of things which may not have occured to you.

    1. If Ed is cycling along in a rough area as so well described by you in previous posts. he won't know about your concerns, till he logs on or is that an unreasonable train of thought. Unless he's managed to become as talented as Uri Geller.

    2. Also old chum if you slowed yourself down from writing War in Peace everytime. Time would I'm sure appear to pass quicker, this could result in an reduction of stress to you and in turn to us the other bloggers and collected Ed watchers.

    3. Actually on your writings if you spent perhaps 40% of this time looking for a job, you'd find one I'm sure. You'd have something to do and this would also make the time pass quicker.

    4. Once you have a job you would earn a little money I think unless slavery or bonded labour is still an option in Norway? You could pay your way domestically and perhaps save a little for your next adventure?

    5. Financial independance through gainful employment brings untold rewards, personal asteem, self worth and confidence amongst your equals. So I guess I'm advising you to get a job, your dear old Ma I'm sure will say much the same. It'll get you out of the house meet people other than the ones or atleast the collective voices in your head. Time will just fly by and you'll be pleased as punch with your achievements.

    "Every journey start's with a single Step!"

    6. I believe your actions are based under the collective umbrella of well meant advise, however your delivery is not all that. So while I enjoy reading all about G.T. dogs, death, freeze, blah - blah and this and that it's all old hat now! Can you change the record, venting at the computer and in the process making the Internet Cafe owner one of the richest people in your town is not the way forward!

    7. Finally leave the "Smith and Jones" stuff alone, it will rot your brain!

  15. Asmund - you seem very conscious of Ed's choice not to limit your access to the blog: I think you're abusing that freedom. Please write less - not as censorship, but out of consideration for the people who read this. The fact that your concerns are genuine and based on personal experience does not mean it's fair to go over them repeatedly in such detail. If you want to relay specific concerns to Ed, please do so to him personally via email. It's good that you're a presence on 2 wheels, but the way you handle yourself online is often unhelpful. If you're so worried that you can't write anything but wolf-words, maybe it's not the moment to post.
    (a different) Ed

  16. Saying that, some of your recent posts have been quite cheerful. That's one of the problems - it's hard to keep alert when reading such large posts.
    Other Ed

  17. It would appear that Edward has set off to the next town rather than hanging in Yushu.

    I emailed him with my concerns a few days back, before he reached Yushu. And when he'd reached ol' Yushu, he said in passing that he was headed for Golmud afterwards, if that helps...

    So he may be a few days.

  18. Look at that "Other Ed" put it so very nicely.

    I hate being the thicko...