Thursday, April 13, 2006

More from Yushu

Looking west up the Yushu valley. That is the road from Qumarleb; that's the way I have to go; that's also where the wind comes from.

Prayer flags above Yushu (Jyeku) town

Jyeku monastery at Yushu (rebuilt; the original was destroyed during 'Liberation')


  1. I was cycling to my brother's today and got quite a bad headwind, so I can empathise somewhat with what pain you have felt, and will feel again...

    I had an idea though... What about a motorcycle helmet?!

  2. Headwinds are perhaps mis-named. They are really everything-winds. The effect upon the head is not especially severe. It is the retarding effect on forward progress that is the real problem.

    Chafed noses I can live with. Ten hour, forty kilometre days are harder to appreciate.

    It would also get rather hot inside a motorbike helmet, I think.

    Gosh, I'm feeling negative today. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Nacho Man

  3. Yeah, the wind was so bad, I thought I was gonna go backwards up a hill... I cursed a few times as I pedalled through it...

    But you know, it's all the better if you at least get to the other end without scabs for lips.

    OK, OK - I have a better idea - add a sail to your bike!!! And a wind powered dynamo!

  4. They've done a good job with the monastry rebuild made it look like beach huts? Is it an exact replicant of the original? Also with all those prayer flags makes you wonder what are they really praying for. Prehaps you should explain to them there are other things you can pray for rather than just, more prayer flags. Like world peace, good health, long life and all that stuff.