Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Deja Vyushu?

Yushu yaklet

That road again

Spring is coming to Yushu, but slowly


  1. Ed?

    Easter is over and I am a bit surprised to find you still in Yushu.

    Is something wrong with you or with the bike?

    Why can`t you go on road 214?

    If I don`t say anything to Jesper he probably won`t know it was me who made all the fuss.


  2. Ed,

    I imagine the locals must really be enjoying your presence. I wouldn't think they would get many foreigners in their parts.

    What kind of lingo do they speak there? Mandarin? Kantonese? Some other 'ese? And moreover, do you speak it?

    Enjoy the 'grass roots internationalisation'. You're achieving much!


  3. Oh and I forgot:

    Fantastic photos. All rather inspiring.

    - Rob

  4. Edward

    It's Eddy Merckx here again; I've just come out of the Hop Duvel having consumed one or two very fine 'bier belgique'.

    Sorry that I got you so excited about me (possibly?) being the real EM. I just couldn't resist adding a bit of an experts view to Asmund’s Alex rim worshiping and I thought, who could be better than the cannibal himself to endorse a bit of cycle equipment. (Seems to have been lost on the pink gloved fish canner though).

    Anyway I'll be back in Ghent at the end of November to see the Ghent 6. I'd be glad to stand you a few drinks in the Hop Duvel if it fits in with your schedule. After a few of Belgium’s finest ales and a bite to eat you could pop up to the Velodrome and watch someone else suffer on a bike for a change. When they hear where you’ve ridden from they’ll probably let you do a lap of honour!

    I guess it’ll be too late to put those Alex rims together as you’ll be practically home by then, but a promise is a promise so if you think you’ll need them just let me know the spec and I’ll have a word with Plum and get them ready for you.

    Kind regards


    PS If you do get to the Hop Duvel in November Jacques, Silvio, Peter and Bernard will all be in the round too so it should be quite a full evening!

  5. Have you had a look at that thing? Rob thomson is going to ride to England.

    Holy cow it makes a shopping trolley look attractive. Go have a look and snigger away.

  6. Loiq, you should have told be about the shopping trolley earlier...I may have seen the light and gone for that option. I'd probably be able to get more gear in a shopping trolley...

    But really, the funniest thing right now is the fact that I'm commenting on a comment about my trip in the comments section of another guy's trip blog.

    - Rob

  7. It's all good... the gift that keeps on giving...