Friday, April 14, 2006


For the Google Earthers among you, here are some co-ordinates:

Yushu: 33 deg 00' N 97 deg 00' E

Qumarleb: 34 deg 07' N 95 deg 47' E

Budongquan: 35 deg 31' N 93 deg 53' E

Golmud: 36 deg 24' N 94 deg 53' E

Meanwhile, here is some light music.

(i) Going down the bad side of a pass.
(ii) Plenty snow at top.


  1. You're a champ, Ed. I follow your blog with great interest. The places you have been are are going to are fascinating.

    (Please don't confuse champ with chump)

    If you have the energy, could you tell me what tyres you are using at the moment?

  2. This news just in from Google translate (from Silvio):

    Poichè is hour from a job has thought that I could probably convince the Mafia in order to take care itself of Asmund for you. I know that it appreciate the fish, the thoughts would want to sleep this evening with they?

    Sounds like Asmund has an evening job working in the Google computers...

    Couldn't resist.

  3. Rob - Schwalbe Marathon somethings. I used to have Marathon PLUS, but I think these are called Marathon XR or something.

    Nacho Man

  4. Thanks Ed. By the looks of the road there, I imagine you'd be having some fun times ensuring that the bike stays upright!

  5. Yeah, when it was snowing here (Glasgow) last month, it was quite hellish trying to stay on my bike, at least until I got onto the uber-gritted main road.

    I don't suppose you have grit salt in any of your panniers?

  6. Well matey, I see you've been busy as predicted I leave the room and things start to happen. Like getting the mob to deal with Asmund, probably best I know nothing about it! Incase he disappears leaving nothing but a grin, pink gloves and a huge Internet cafe bill unpaid. People will come knocking I'm sure anyway good to hear your still ticking along. Pictures are magic as normal particulary liked the marangue? maringuagy? miringuway? whipped cream effect in the snow.

    A veritable winter wonderland which while it looks all nice and picture postcard however is a harsh and unforgiving sort of place so take care. I bought some more stuff for the easter box which now resembles seachest or a footlocker for our american viewers. Also I have the most exquiste headache so will resume with this later.

    all the best from darkest surrey.

  7. Hello Edward !!

    Great to see that your on your move back to Europe :-)

    I couldnt help notice that your plans for 2008 (summer-autumn?) may be the same as mine:

    "...2008 - North Cape to Gibraltar (speed ride). "

    Though for my part, only 'slow running', lol. NO superman here...

    With my best wishes & LOTS OF HAPPY DAYS on the roads :-)


  8. ni'hao ed,
    greetings from litang/ sichuan. cold here too. warmest place is still the cyber.

    I am not the least bit envious of your route. the air is thin enough where I am pedalling. you seem to be getting some sunshine though, that makes the world look different!

    I'm off to kangding and warmer places soon. take care. ruth

    ps. by the way, I've got yellow gloves!

  9. Yellow?

    Do you have YELLOW gloves?

    Finally something exiting on this blog again!

    Are they sparkling bright and new yellow?
    Or do you use them for bike repairs?

    Any way.
    Do you have a picture of them out on the www. that I can look at?