Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 232 - on a bike from Zhidoi to Qumalai

Start: Zhidoi, Qinghai, China
End: Qumalai (Qumarleb), Qinghai, China
Distance: 54 km
Time: 3'58"
Avg: 13.6 k/h
Max: 42 k/h
Total: 10490 km
Total riding days: 125
Riding hours: 1040 - 1530

A shortish hop down the valley, over the Tongtian He (Yangtze river headwaters) bridge and up the other side.

Qumalai (aka Qumarleb, Qumarlai) is the end of the road, my last chance to turn around. I wind up at the bus station hotel and buy peanuts. I ask how far it is to Budongquan. Estimates vary from "more than 100 km" to "more than 400 km". I buy some more peanuts.

The bridge over the Tongtian He (Yangtze).

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