Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sorry Asmund

I ate the last dace. Sorry fella.

Nacho Man


  1. Has that empty can of fish filth officially become the most colourful, life-affirming thing in Golmud? Certainly looks like it. Not sure I approve of your littering habits. You can't tell me a forward line of broom-clutching Ayis are about to sweep in from the east. Does tin decompose, eh, does it, does it?

    Good news. Only 40 days left til the World Cup gets underway. Thought you'd be excited by the prospect. You dismissively referred to players of the beautiful game as neanderthals in your last correspondence on the matter. I'll have you know that neanderthals are reckoned to have had bigger heads - and brains - than us lot. If that is indeed the case, it would be the only known instance of a bigger brain resulting in lesser intelligence. So 'nuff dissing cavemen, alright?
    Right...I'm off to practice some banana kicks. Enjoy Goldmud old fella. And no more littering.

  2. Morning 007.

    Don't tell Asmund, but that wasn't actually my dace tin. It was just lying there at the roadside - maybe Asmund was in fact a day ahead of me, dropping empty fishtins as he went.

    And, for the sake of "journalistic accuracy" (oxymoron of the day?), the photo was taken at Budongquan, at the junction of the Qing-Zang Gong Lu (Qinghai-Tibet Highway) with the Qumarlai-Budongquan track - a spot about 190 km south of Golmud.

    (Like you cared.)