Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 211 - Cycling from Xiwu to Yushu

Start: Xiwu, Qinghai, China
End: Yushu (aka Jyeku, Jyekundo, Jie Gu), Qinghai, China
Distance: 49 km
Time: 3'35"
Avg: 13.7 k/h
Max: 41.5 k/h
Total: 10,239 km
Total riding days: 100
Riding hours: 1150 -1555

An easy 20 km down and a not-too-hard 30 km up, with a bridge over the Yangtze / Jinshajiang / Tongtian He in the middle.

The road is mostly sealed and perfect, give or take the odd stretch where they couldn't be bothered or ran out of asphalt or went to do somebody's drive instead.

Warmer down here, 3900 metres-ish.

The local monasteries earn a few bob selling petrol. The sign reads 'White Pagoda Gasoline Station of Lab Monastery'. The monastery itself is visible in the background, between the pillars of the forecourt.

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