Saturday, April 29, 2006

French circus comes to Tibet?

Is that a French big top I see before me on the Lhasa-Golmud highway?

No, just another petrol station roof designed by an excitable architect.


  1. Ed!


    Congratulation Ed!
    You are the first cyclist who have crossed the Tibetan Platau in wintertime!


  2. But don`t let this victory go to your head!

    The track/road via Urt Moron to the crossroad far south of Korla is more or less uninhabited.
    And by now very hot and dry.
    With hardly any cars on the track the only way to survive would be to stop each and every and beg for water. And later on also food.
    (Not beeing selfsupported is cheating in my book.)
    What would you do if for some reason there would not be any cars on a very hot desert day?

    You think bon. is bad,but "mild" dehydration is ten times worse. Severe dehydration will kill you.

    The Golmud-Dunhuang-Urumqi road is fairly "safe".
    By getting your visas in Urumqi,Almaty and Bishkek you will also make up for lost time so you can be back on track timevise in Kyrgystan or Tajikistan.

    Oh,I hope this doesn`t trigger some kind of selfdestructiv mega macho syndrome in you!


  3. Ed, I found your blog about a month ago. Love your photos, your reports and even your occasional sparring with Asmund. Despite all the hardships don't forget to have fun out there. Tailwinds from a fellow traveler;)))

  4. Hi PG

    Did I claim to be the first person to have crossed the Tib Plat in winter?

    Or are you making that claim for me?

    In either case, I don't know whether it is true. Others may have been before.

    If someone did it in the dark days before 1995-ish they may not even have trumpeted their glorious exploits online.

    And there are many ways to cross the Plateau. My route certainly didn't take it at its widest point.

    But still, I remain, yours affectionately,

    Nacho Man