Sunday, April 30, 2006


Not sure if this will win Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, but somewhere in this photograph, a pika (Tibetan plateau giant hamster) is lurking.

Can you find him? (Or her, it may be.)

Send in your answers, spot-the-ball style, with the pika circled, and win a pika. (Delivery not included.)


  1. Is it the rock about a quarter of the way in from the right hand edge of the picture as you look at it, in the middle vertically?

    Or is that just a rock?

  2. See here. (Blogger doesn't allow img tag.

    My cats could do with a little treat...

  3. Alrighty I'm feeling lucky tonight got myself all ready for this but how the hell do I paste an image to this? God damn it I so stupid!!!! any clues would be greatfully received.

    PS this is a peach of a picture

  4. Pika-Boo!
    I see you!


    I am so excited to win my very own Pika!
    I think he/she will like it very much here in Gunnison, CO. If I spot two Pikas in your photo, will you send a breeding pair?