Sunday, January 29, 2006

Veg Talk heads for the compost heap

Rumour has it that the world's worst radio show, Veg Talk, potato blight of Radio 4, is to be taken off the air.

As soon as that happens, I will stop dallying in Zhongdian, and make haste homewards.

Home Truths is going too, I hear - but post-Peel perhaps it is not worth saving.

As for the frumpous jounced up by folk about the proposal not to broadcast British folk songs at 5.30 in the morning.... since it's the same every day, it would not be that hard to record it (I'm sure the BBC could provide a free download) and find an alarm clock that will play it for you. Maybe it's available as a ringtone?


  1. How are you planning to survive altitudesickness in -30 degrees centigrade when you are alone beside a road where the snow is so deep no car will pass for the next week or so? Wait until late winter or take the easterly route! Are non of you conserned about Ed`s safety? Emily? Family? Friends? S.B.? "P.G."

  2. There's a good point and I was wondering when someone was going to come round to that way of thinking...

    I would urge you to think very hard about what your doing... I did the wind chill calculation thing, well part 2 is all about the number of calories you need to sustain yourself. If you get the chance check out the medical pages for expeditions into hostile enviroments, and the long term effects of the stress on your system. Also I hope your also following the simple guidelines of climb high sleep low? I forgot to put that into my email.

    Just consider the simple laws of risk and reward, are the rewards so great that you can risk it all? Or does so little have value to you that the large risks seems very acceptable?

    I hope that is simple enough to understand, you seem a very capable bloke but step back for a minute and have a look from where I'm sitting.

    Looking at my very poor quality atlas and what information I can get from the web I would say "sit it out"

    "No point being the most famous foreigner!" in some chinese cemetery...