Saturday, January 28, 2006

Not just a China-hater...

Rank the items below, in the order in which they represent grave threats to our nation's health, well-being, wealth, happiness, and survival:

1. Tuuuurism (that's people with bombs, not people who go on holiday - as pronounced by Dubya).
2. Bird flu.
3. Climate change.
4. Asteroid impact.

Now rank them again, in the order in which our government uses them as an excuse to curtail liberty, spend money, and speak pompously and gravely in pathetic and debasing attempts to make themselves into latter-day Churchills. And try to frighten us into voting for them. (Did you see Cheney on TV the other day? Truly spine-chilling.)

Three and a half, if not four, cheers, then, to Lembit Opik (for it was, I think, he) of the poor old Liberal Democrats, for his brave efforts to push No. 4, asteroid impact, to the top of our list of concerns. At least it showed up the idiocy of Blair, Bush and Co., and their damn-fool self-serving War on Turrrh.

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