Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day 124. Mengla to Menglun

Start: Mengla, China
End: Menglun, China
Distance: 99 km
Time: 6'42"
Avg: 14.7 k/h
Max: 45.5 k/h
Total: 7581 km
Total riding days: 82
Riding hours: 0900 - 1850

Hills! Good leg training this.

My chain snapped 10 km before Menglun. Is someone trying to tell me something? In the past 10 days, I have had:

1. rear rim cracked.
2. puncture.
3. front tyre blow out
4. rear rack bolt sheared off (at 2200 hrs in pitch black after i had been evicted from campspot by drunken lao blokes)
5. chain snapped

Pretty good going?

My 5-star hotel here (you can see 5 stars through the cracks in the roof), 10 yuan a night, has sheets with pictures of a cute little Scottie doggie with the words "faithful companion". The shop across the street sells tins of hong shao gou rou, which translates loosely as doggie in a tin, or more accurately as red-braised dog meat.


  1. In the office minding my own, laughing at all your good times.

    Good to hear that your back on the road and that "karma" has settled the account. Taking a break and eating chocolate and crisps all day was bound to have consequences....

    Also news update my daughter said the green thing that looked like a hat was infact a christmas tree...

    Wonders will never cease let me know whee you want the easter box sent.


    carl w.

  2. oh man, you are great!!!
    Happy new year to you..

  3. Maybe it's time you stopped carting such a vast amount of junk! Think mean! think lean! Think alpine style as opposed to a Persian caravan! Dan