Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another bid to get myself sent to the Chinese gulag - or my website censored

Several 2wheels-readers, including a margarine thief from Bolton, did not take my post about the Great Firewall of China very seriously.

I thought I might annoy them, and with any luck the Chinese government too, a bit more, by continuing to complain about the general lack of freedom of information in this country.

OK, it's more important to have potatoes on your plate than to be able to read non-Party versions of The Truth, right? Well, whatever, if you believe that come and live here and apply for Chinese citizenship.

Of course, it's not just the Chinese government at which we should be baring our hairy, blistered buttocks. The nasty little creeping, moral contortionists at internet companies such as Google ( should be getting a good hiding too.

(Yes, dear beloved Google, owner of, which is kind enough to provide, free of charge, my website's blogging service, and also its email update list.)

Will I be moving my website and mailing list to a different provider in a fit of moral outrage? No. I'll just have the fit of moral outrage instead.

(I should say that the non-blog part of my website is hosted, very kindly, by the distinctly non-evil Eclipse Internet (, and thank you very much to them for that.

If you are in the least bit interested, there is another article in today's Independent here:

OK, getting angry now. Better sign off. Happy New Year of the Capitalist Running Dogs to you all.

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