Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day 130 - cycling through Xishuangbanna to Hui Min

Start: Menghai, China
End: Hui Min, China (around 50 km south of Lancang)
Distance: 70 km
Time: 5'19"
Avg: 13.1 k/h
Max: 27.8 k/h
Total: 7792 km
Total riding days: 86
Riding hours: 1200 - 1750

Felt woozy today and never got going properly. Maybe it was just a headwind. And cobbles.

I always thought that cobblestons were la vice belge, but it seems that the Yunnanese have taken to them too.

Whatever their merits, cobblestones do not do nice things to cyclists' bottoms. I have 300 km of cobbles to go, by the look of the map.

Hilly today, too, naturally, after a 25 km flattish warm-up. Hui Min is a little village with one damp guesthouse down a slope, and one dry guesthouse up a slope. The fields are full of sugar cane and tea.

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