Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 131 - On a bike from Hui Min, through Lancang to Zhu Tang

Start: Hui Min, China
End: Zhu Tang, China (Simao prefecture)
Distance: 80 km
Time: 7'46"
Avg: 10.3 k/h
Max: 32 k/h
Total: 7873 km
Total riding days: 87
Riding hours: 1000 - 1840

36 km of very slow cobbles, mostly climbing but just as slow on the pannier-shaking descent; then an unexpected stretch of asphalt into and through and out the other side of Lancang.

The one-armed laoban of my luguan here in Zhutang is a nice bloke but he shares the vice of many in the Greater Mekong River Sub-Region of wanting to talk to me while I am brushing my teeth.

Stopped to take self-portraits of self + bike for sponsors, using my tripod. Not entirely successfully - as I dashed back to the bike while the 10-second beeper was beeping, I tripped over the pedals and sent self + bike sprawling. Most undignified.

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