Saturday, January 14, 2006

Day 134 - To Ma Wen on a Bicycle

Start: Mengku, China
End: Ma Wen, China (29 km north of Lin Cang)
Distance: 111 km
Time: 7'07"
Avg: 15.5 k/h
Max: 51 k/h
Total: 8145 km
Total riding days: 90
Riding hours: 0930 - 1745

My first ton in a while.

Route notes: 26 km climb from Mengku, then mostly descent for 16 km to junction with an unsealed-looking road to Simao. Food, accommodation available at the junction. G214 continues, sealed and perfect except for one inexplicable 1500 m strip of cobbles, 10 km uphill then 30 km descent to Lincang, the last 18 km of which are on a snazzy new airport highway dual carriageway. Lincang is a big town, G214 bypasses it, or you can go through the centre. After Lincang, more descent on perfect road, steeply down deep gorge.

Ma Wen is a tiny hamlet squeezed between the road and the river. There is one hotel, full of people making sausages.

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