Monday, September 05, 2005

Feedback from readers

Several people have written in response to the previous post.

A.M. in Boston says "I got a place for you to stay in Serbia".

Thank you, A.M.

Another A.M., a former Shanghai resident, says "Just a word on the Shanghai street facists: I lived there for a year and you are not being fair on them (I have cycled all over the city). I like to think of them as 'pavement nazis'.".

JH says "Surprised to see that you missed out spitting on your list of Shanghai loves," and goes on to say that while on a visit to Aswan in Egypt last year, "I picked up a copy of the daily rag, the Egyptian Gazette, and lo and behold! I found a small write up of your Mongolian horseman ordeal! News clearly travels far and wide!"

Only a small write up in the Egyptian Gazette? What could be more relevant to Nilotic folk than a story about an English cyclist having his bicycle stolen in Mongolia? The editor of that esteemed rag was clearly off sick the day they did 'priorities' at journalism school.

TH of Wokingham says, on the question of what qualifies as the Atlantic Ocean, "In answer to your question about dipping your finger in the Atlantic if you can get to the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Drift I reckon you've hacked it. According to my Edinburgh World Atlas - published by Bartholomew - this flows towards the NE past Eire and Scotland but significantly splits to the SW of the UK flowing,   to some extent,  into the St Georges Channel and the Bristol and English Channels.  So I judge that Lands End should be fine."

He signs off as "retired RAF navigator", so I'll take his comments as authoritative.

However, GF of Eton puts the cat among the oceanographic pigeons by asking "Only one thing - why the Atlantic?  What's wrong with Hull?  The North Sea?"

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  1. Sir, bon voyage and all that. I was most pleased to hear that the Ulan Bator police department exceeded all expectations, and can't wait to hear a first-hand account of what life is like under the Turkmenbashi. Make sure you're clean-shaven before you get there, eh? Re your Atlantic conundrum, why not go the whole hog and finish on the west coast of Ireland?

  2. Good luck mate, I followed your first trip with great enthusiasm and hope your return trip goes very well indeed. I will be reading your endeavours enviously, and planning my own escape for next summer!