Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day 22 - Tonggu to Liuyuang

Start: Tonggu, Jiangxi province
End: Liuyang, Hunan province
Distance: 108km
Time: 6'32"
Avg: 16.6 k/h
Max: 48.5 k/h
Total: 1319 km
Total riding days: 14
Roadkill: Stoat (or was it a weasel?); more snakes.
Riding hours: 0900 - 1620

Good roads most of today; much easier going than yesterday. A small climb to a minor pass on the border between Jiangxi and Hunan. Museum in Tonggu illustrating the local episode of the Long March, when Mao's rag-tag Red Army passed through the town in September 1927.

Stoat or weasel? Usually I can tell the difference: A weasel, after all, is weasily wecognised, while a stoat is stoatally different. But one they've been run over, the difference is not so easy to make out.


  1. Hi...god luck in your journey. Its very inspiring what youre doing. Im linking you to my site so that I can follow your journey. Some pictures would be nice.

    Have fun, stay safe.


  2. Ahha! Sorry I did'nt look at the images in the earlier post. Will you be passing Malaysia??