Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 25 - Shaoshan to Loudi

Start: Shaoshan, Hunan province
End: Loudi, Hunan province
Distance: 84km
Time: 5'18"
Avg: 15.8 k/h
Max: 46 k/h
Total: 1602 km
Total riding days: 16
Roadkill: a kitten, a puppy, a little black and white bird. And lots of snakes.
Riding hours: 1205 - 1730

In the morning I went to visit the house where Mao Zedong, aka Chairman Mao, was born. Up the hill is the place where his parents are buried. Visitors were burning incense sticks at the tomb and muttering prayers. Or curses, maybe.

Again I found roads that my map knows nothing about. Where I was between Shaoshan and Loudi, I have no idea. But somehow I have ended up 55 km or so south-west of where I started, as the crow flies, which is more or less where I hoped to be.

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