Thursday, September 29, 2005

Erratum - day 22

Observant readers will already have noticed that my reference in Day
22's entry to the Long March in Tonggu in 1927 was historically
suspect. The Long March came 7 years later. I must have mis-heard or
mis-translated what the museum curator was telling me. I'm sure she
said something about the Long Something. I assumed it was March, but
that can't be right. Perhaps it was Lunch - Mao came to Tonggu in 1927
and enjoyed a Long Lunch. I'm not sure about that though, because when
I looked around I couldn't find anywhere decent to eat.

I think in fact this was all part of the Autumn Harvest Uprising.
Google it to find out more...


  1. Blimey, I had not realized you were so deep in central China. Hunan, Guizhou. Places I have never been to. You really are going the roundabout way.
    What's Hunan like, other than dusty??