Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Day 5 - Shanghai to Jin Ze Town

Start: Shanghai (Xu Hui district)
End: Jin Ze Town (Jinze), Shanghai Municipality
Distance: 62.4 km
Time: 3'49"
Avg: 16.3 k/h
Max. 26 k/h
Total so far: 155.4 km

Left Shanghai (finally) after lunch. An easy afternoon's ride west on the Huqingping Highway. Stayed in the same hotel I stayed in last year, in December 2004, leaving Shanghai on route to Hong Kong. The boss not only recognised me, but still had my registration form from last year on the desk - which saved a lot of fuss trying to decipher my passport a second time round. She asked me what had happened to my beard.

Sunny, warm.

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