Sunday, September 18, 2005

Days 12 to 16. Jingdezhen

0km, 0k/h, 0 roadkill. I have pedestrianised myself to wander round the glories of Jingdezhen. To read all about it you will have to subscribe to Asia and Away magazine, or wait three months for their period of exclusivity to expire.

Actually, I have been out and about on the bike a bit, but without the bags, so the computer doesn't go on and the miles don't count.

On returning from the bathroom last night from brushing my teeth, the key to my hotel roomlet snapped off in the door. The front desk sent for a Man, who arrived with an enormous hatchet, with which he proceeded to smash the living daylights out of the doorknob, eventually overcoming its resistance and leaving it a pile of wrenched metal and mangled springs on the floor. The door opened.

This morning, the management have presented me with a bill for damage to said doorknob.

I must devise a new high-tech counting system for days. 700-odd kilometres in 16 days looks a bit wimpy. Perhaps I will have to distinguish between cycling days and non-cycling days. Then I'll have Lance Armstrong glancing nervously over his shoulder.

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