Sunday, September 04, 2005

Day 1: Shanghai to Shanghai, via the Pacific

3rd September 2005

Start: Shanghai (Hongkou district)
End: Shanghai (Hongkou district)
Via: Sanjiagang on Shanghai's Pacific coast/mouth of the Yangtze
Distance: 76.2 km
Time: 4'33"
Avg. 16.8 k/h
Max. 32.5
Total so far: 76.2 km

Ferry over Huangpu river, send-off ceremony at Decathlon with some
Shanghai journalists, ride into the wind out to the coast. Sat there
on the concrete-lined beach for half an hour and rode home again with
the wind. Rupert Alesbury, an old schoolmate I haven't seen for 10
years, appeared at the send-off.

Bike absurdly overladen as usual. In Shanghai you don't notice it
because there are no hills. A week down the road it will be a
different story.

Have done very little cycling, or exercise of any sort, for 6 months.
Not in the best shape to start a 15-month cycle journey.

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