Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 27 - Xinhua to Xiaoshuijiang

Start: Xinhua, Hunan province
End: Xiaoshuijiang, Hunan province
Distance: 76km
Time: 7'04"
Avg: 10.7 k/h
Max: 46.5 k/h
Total: 1777 km
Total riding days: 19
Roadkill: A duck
Riding hours: 0920 - 1720

Wow, that hurt. Look at the average speed for today. Uphill, all day.
At the end of it, I managed somehow to jamb my big toe between my
bicycle pedal and the pavement. The bicycle, laden, probably weighs
about 60 kg, and that hurt too.

Moan moan moan. It was a nice day in other ways, not so much dust,
pretty mountain villages, some sunshine and a little rain to cool me
off when the climbing got heavy.

My next "target town" is Kaili in Guizhou province. It still seems to
be about 5 days away, on the map, as it has been for the past 5 days.
Somehow it doesn't seem to be getting any closer.

Xiaoshuijiang is a small village; it probably won't show up on your
map. It's about 1/3rd of the way between Xinhua (nr Liangshuijiang)
and Huaihua. There is one place to stay here, with one room, and I'm
in it, so save your visit till tomorrow. The bed is very damp though.

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