Tuesday, February 28, 2006

To comfort Asmund/PG....

The 'Weather Underground' site forecasts that it will be -85 degrees
in Golmud on Tuesday.


I don't know if that is degrees Centrigrade or degrees Farenheit, but
it matters little because at -85 in either language I will really be
some way beyond caring.

Greetings, incidentally, from Dege in Sichuan. And yes, Asmund, I have
flu. Your latest comment was most timely. How did you guess?



  1. Ed! Maybe I am psycic(or whatever it is called)? You wrote just a few minutes ago. The herring season is just about over,so I am not working today. Stay in Dege for a long time,and don`t attempt the high mountains untill you are well and milder weather has arrived. Eat lots of food and take your vitamin pills! Asmund.

  2. "The herring season is over"!

    Just reading that one line makes me so happy that I am almost ready to sell my bike, buy a yak with the proceeds and ride straight home with a smile on my face.

    Asmund, tell me one thing old boy: when you say "the herring season is over", do you mean it, or are you just poking a bit of fun at the Norwegians, from the inside?


  3. Ed! Sorry,I left believing you had feverishly stumbeled back to bed,not thinking you were ready for a chat. I guess I`m not psycic after all...

    Look! Someone told me to press the "enter key" to make a paragraph!

    The herring thing I wrote thinking everyone would think it was a joke exept you. That way I would protect my anonymity by pretending the truth was a joke. In August or September I did write in an e-mail what I was working with. It is there somewhere among all the graphic and grotesque warnings about what would happen to you pre and post mortem if you did this trip in the middle of winter. Asmund.

  4. itstillonlysays2commentssoihavetomake onemoretomakeitsay3commentsoryouwill notlookatthispageagain..............

  5. Gee whizz. That's er, bloody freezing!

    Hehe *titters somewhat* Do you know one of the best ways for a human being to stay warm, which sadly isn't feasable for you as you lack company?

  6. If you're stumped - the answers here, right at the bottom.

    Haw haw.