Friday, February 10, 2006



Give me another 2 or 3 hours to wade through all the 103 emails I've
had in the 8 days that I've been away from computers and telephones,
and I'll update you properly.


1. Sorry to anyone who has been seriously concerned by my silence in
the last week.

2. Thank you, too, to all those of you have been concerned, for your support.

3. I am fine.

4. PG, my internet cafe bill is on its way to you.

5. More later - if I can read PG's stuff quicker than he churns it out, that is.



  1. "King of the Road!" your back.... We'll nice of you to join us after a week of suspense and way too much reading it's given me RSI. I have the urge to sue PG in the spirit of this new american world in which we live. If your my witness for my side I'll cut you in for 40% okay make it 45% cos you have scruples apparently.


    So no news was just NO NEWS in the end... Brilliant! plot twist I guessed it all along, damn I should have gotten down the bookies for a bet on this..

    If you have the urge to do some silent running, please let me know but don't tell William Hill cos I just want the money. As my wife will needs a coat it's cold and the kids will need new shoes soon.

    All the best from the desolate wastelands of darkest Surrey.

  2. Read about you on the BBC web page, glad you're fine and well. Fascinating site, I'll be an avid reader from now on. Good Luck!


  3. Hello! Nurse Linda here. Asmund got one e-mail yesterday saying Ed was probably safe. He was very happy. Then a visitor upset him and he started shouting "Ed does not know what real winter is!" Today he has been calm,but he got me worried too about something else. He was at the webpages of "this is exeter". One story sendt the(no longer so good)doctor as a "guest" at another mental-hospital. The other story made Asmund very sad before he came with a jaw-dropping good point. I, as a professional,can not overlook nor am I willing to keep quiet about it. I am now the most senior at this hospital and I no longer will stick to my promise of silence in this case. It truly has been -pardon my expression- a mad house here today. The story comes in about two hours on "the other page". Nurse Linda.

  4. Saw your pic on the BBC news site interesting news item good luck with your bike ride your now famous! will visit your site again catch your progress.


  5. Hello! It is nurse Linda. Today is the first day of my new job as a leader. The former doctor will not come back to lead any mental hospitals anymore. I just got the evaluation in from a professor in psychology. In ordinary terms it reads like this: Dr.X. blames everything that has gone wrong in his own life on Asmund. From his birth,20 years earlier than Asmund, up to today. It is the deepest hatred ever found in an educated health care person towards a patient. He will,most likely,live the rest of his life in a mental institution. And so will Asmund. Today I found several agressive behavioral patterns within him,so I will try to find a high security institution that will take him in. I have a few examples from today. First someone told him jokingly his friend Ed was missing again. That was obviously too much for him,he got very angry when we refused him acsess to internet. He said he wanted newspapers to call people who had been to The British South Pole Base,and ask them if they gave Ed any chanses of survival. Of those who were there in 89 or 90 there may be a female cyclist who had cycled in Asia. Or a reporter could visit a fish or meat deep freezing plant,and see how long he could cope in -30C. Supervised. And with the fans on, every bit of skin covered. I told him he could not use a computer,but that I would write it for him. Then he withdrew mentally and held a large ring around his body. He has done it before. The ring represents his "personal space". When he is carrying it around he does not want to talk to anyone,nor does he want to be spoken to. Then he suddenly got agressiv and took of the helmet Lars has to wear for his own good. Lars started to bang his head against a wall. And this time he found a brick wall. Asmund came running into the lunch room. The ring got caught in the doorway. So he lay there in the doorway gasping for air and stuttering. Quite a funny sight. We know from experience that it is better to stop incidents early on. By the time we got there Lars was not that bloody. I blame it all on Asmund. One of our "guests" tried to tell me Lars had tricked Asmund into believing he was chocking. But that person is not reliable. A student,I do not know his name, took Asmund into the kitchen to show him todays dinner. This kitchenhelp has for some odd reason showed a deep interest in Asmund`s stories and probably thought he was reliable. Not so anymore. By the time he came back to the dinner room,ordinary cow meat had become whale meat in his twisted mind. Minutes later we found most of them crying while Knut was drawing whales directly on the wall. Roald showed his feminin side yet again,and drew eye-lashes and pink lipstick on the whales. While agressive Asmund finished them all off with a bloody harpoon sticking out. It will take us three layers of paint to cover them up. The only happy person was "Bandage-Lars" sitting at the table hungrily shouting whale,whale,whale! Only Lars ate anything. Never a dull moment! I have given Asmund a warning that if he shows any more agression again,he has to stay in the sound proof room until he is sendt to another hospital. He just looked at me with a blank expression before he sat down in a corner with the stupid ring around him. I was stunned when I re-read today what I wrote yesterday. Asmund`s very cloudy and childishly inkoherant thoughts made brilliantly understandable by me. Please read it. It is long and can be found on the other comments page or rather the previous comments page. I think I do deserve this possision as a leader. Within a day or two I will have Asmund sendt away,and this job becomes more manageble for me. Before he leaves he can not use the internet here,and in a high security institution there will not be any internett acsess at all. I am glad to inform you,that you will not hear from him again. But I am sad to inform you I will not have the time to write either. The new job is totally draining me. I feel tired today. Goodbye from Linda.

  6. Got RSI starting up with Nurse Linda now (Bet she's not even have a real uniform) Anyway deal still open 45% percent from Asmund's claim and 40% for this Nurse Linda (health care impersonator) on a kind of 2 for 1 deal. You fix the evidence, I win, you win, WE WIN. My RSI gets better after cheque clears and your bung will be sent to your swiss numbered account have we got a deal?


  7. PS Don't go to Preston for a while

  8. Call me ignorant and uninformed - but how do you access the internet in the middle of nowhere?

    Do you use hi-tech satelite stuff or something?

    Or are you not in the middle of nowhere?

    And who is PG. I was assuming it was this guy, who often goes by the title "Pedant General" or PG for short...

    Although I may be talking bollocks.

  9. As unoffical and unelected press agent for the cycling personality known as "Ed Genochio" and speaker for all opressed and unheard cyber dewellers of this blog. Here's my summary cos there's too much to read otherwise.

    Ed = cyclist seems to have very little of anything with him appart from a packet of fun size packet of mars bars, very yellow jacket from Goretex and a sense of humor.

    Connectivity = Seems to use cyber cafes I would guess there's tons in places you would not expect to have anything at all. (example near base camp of everest you can log on and buy stuff from ebay or see how much spam, ads for viagra have turned up in your intray. Brilliant!! it's just an example most complex thing is figuring out what it costs to use per hour and what sort of money they want £,$,yen,euro or chickens etc)

    PG = Pink Gloves aka Assmund Norwegian loon (misguided cycling bloke currently under medical supvision at a local nut house in Oslo or is that in Sweden, don't matter all the same location on my map)

    PG's relationship to Ed was cycling companion in Russia or some such place. You need to go back into the orginal 2 wheels site best of luck cos there's tons to read there.

    To get more info look back over blog PG is the bloke that can write for hours and hours. (Think there's a picture of him in the photo pages) He's the big scary looking one with Pink Gloves on hence PG. (think I'm kidding go find him)

    Hope that helps while Ed is away from his desk for a while.

    all the best and we the faceless voices hope you enjoy the blog. Feel free to tell your friends and give generously to the charities on the page as they need your money... comeback anytime..

    Missing you already...

  10. "Pink Gloves", eh?

    Clearly no relation then....

    Toodle Pip!