Thursday, February 16, 2006

Has anyone seen PG?

I am becoming increasingly concerned about PG. He has not posted a
message on this blog for over 72 hours now. This is uncharacteristic.

By my calculations, he should have had time to turn right at the
fish-mongers, walk past the fishing net shop, cross the road at
Fish-R-Us, and log on at the internet'n'fish bar opposite the Ministry
of Fish on Cod Street.

But we have heard nothing.

When I met him in Siberia a couple of years ago, PG showed every sign
of being a frustrated Englishman, determined to die a futile but
heroic death, upper lip stiff to the last.

What worse fate could befall such a man than to have been born a
Norwegian, destined to follow in the fallow footsteps of Amundsen (his
near-namesake), a man fool enough to reach the Pole and not to die on
the way home - a sure recipe, as any fool kno, for historical

PG, Asmund, where are you?

I think we must begin to fear the worst. Would anyone care to contact
the Norwegian embassy?


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