Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day 177 - Cycling to Dege, with a brief foray into Tibet

Start: Camp near the Sichuan-Tibet bridge (G317), Sichuan, China

End: Dege, Sichuan, China
Distance: 30km
Time: 2'49"
Avg: 10.7 k/h
Max: 31.5 k/h
Total: 9756 km
Total riding days: 114
Riding hours: 0855 - 1255

Tibet cycling note: situation here seems just the same as on the G318 further south: no guards at the bridge, no problems crossing to the Tibet side. A policeman in Baiyu told me that this part of eastern Tibet is now open to foreigners. But how far west you can go, I don't know. I went about 500 metres and then turned round.

Should be an easy 25 km or so from the bridge up the side-valley to Dege. It's paved.

But I have picked up some kind of lurgee, feel increasingly dead and am scarcely able to stay in the saddle by the time I crawl into Dege.

On the way up, I pass what look like half a dozen large sheep - but they are hopping around on boulders in the river in a most unsheeplike manner. On closer inspection they turn out to be vultures eating a carcass in the river. These are BIG birds.

The sight encourages me not to die in the open air, so inch on into Dege and hide in a basement hotel, feeling about as far from jolly as a happy camper can be.

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