Saturday, February 25, 2006

Day 176 - Cycling Baiyu towards Dege along the Jinshajiang

Start: Baiyu, Sichuan, China

End: Dege, Sichuan, China
Distance: 74km
Time: 7'24"
Avg: 10 k/h
Max: 30.5k/h
Total: 9726 km
Total riding days: 113
Riding hours: 0915 - 1845

5-star campsite (complete with 5-star pillock, silly hat and pink jacket) on a hidden flat ledge above the road, about 2km before the G317 (Sichuan-Tibet highway, northern branch) ridge to Tibet.

Downhill for a dozen or so kilometres, down the Baiyu river (not its real name) to the Jinshajiang; the rest of the day upriver up the turquoise Jinshajiang (upper Yangtze river), gentle grade but lousy road.

Tibet on the opposite bank. Hot - or warm - springs come out of the rock-cliff, marked by green algae - though the rest of the cliff is ice-encrusted.

Nice ride.

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