Friday, February 17, 2006

Days 166, 167, 168 - Batang, Sichuan, China

0 km etc.

Three blokes come in call themselves lamas.

It's around 0100 hours, Batang Mean Time.

TASHI DELE, whispers the chief bloke, at about 154 decibels. He doesn't seem to take laowai's beauty sleep very seriously.

Q: What do Tibetan Lamas wear under their crimson robes?

A: More crimson robes. I watched them get undressed. It took about 10 minutes, and was like playing pass the parcel with Russian dolls. Each layer peeled off revealed another layer underneath. They go to bed in their crimson robe pyjamas.

Around 0500, they get up and leave. I tell them it's 0500; they go back to bed. At 0700 they get up and leave again.

There's a big storm brewing up the valley -

so I stay put for a few days -

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