Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Day 96 - Thung Kwien forest park to Saraphi

Start: Thung Kwien Forest Park
End: Saraphi, near Chiang Mai, Thailand
Distance: 134 km
Time: 7'08"
Avg: 18.7 k/h
Max: 59.5 k/h
Total: 6735 km
Total riding days: 72
Riding hours: 0645 - 1800

I have done the stupidest thing - somehow I have lost the two spare tyres which I have been carrying all the way across China and south-east Asia. I am heartbroken. But I have a hunch. It involves a 70 km round-trip back-track, but for my tyres, it's worth it. I cooked some rice in Lampang park yesterday, and I have a funny feeling my bike felt a bit light after that.

And sure enough, there they are. My beloved tryes, still sitting there, all alone, wrapped up in a Chinese bag, in the park.

I am very happy, and give them a big hug, to the consternation of early morning joggers, stretchers, and strollers in the park.

There is a little pass between Lampang and Lamphun, but it's a nice long downhill on the other side. Camped out under a mobile phone mast in Chiang Mai's suburbia.

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