Saturday, December 31, 2005

Day 120. Laos jungle, Bokeo province

Start: Jungle 44 km west of Houay Xai, Laos
End: ??? Somewhere else in the jungle, perhaps around 80 km south-west of Louang Namtha, perhaps not too far from Viang Phukha
Distance: 76 km
Time: 8'03"
Avg: 9.5 k/h
Max: 42 k/h
Total: 7265 km
Total riding days: 78
Riding hours: 0720 - 1750

There is a 2-km strip of asphalted road in the middle of the jungle. The rest is more dust and rocks. Road due for completion by mid-2007, according to roadside panels. Hills all the way, hard on the legs but harder on the bike. Dust and ruts are not good for it. Road crew are having a new year's eve sing-song somewhere down below my campsite.

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