Friday, December 30, 2005

Day 119. Chiang Khong to Laos

Start: Near Chiang Khong, Thailand
End: 44 km west of Houay Xai, Laos
Distance: 67 km
Time: 6'03"
Avg: 11 k/h
Max: 52 k/h
Total: 7189 km
Total riding days: 77
Riding hours: 0720 - 1730

Excellent bike shop/bike club in Chiang Khong - go south through town over the bridge, turn left at the Esso garage, and it's on the right after 100 metres or so. Good kit at 'club' prices, much cheaper than Chiang Mai etc.

2-minute ride in a canoe over the Mekong, and I'm back in Laos (visa on arrival available here, 30 US$). The road to China is 'under construction' - currently made of dirt, rocks, and dust - sometimes the dust is 6 inches deep, it's like riding in snow. Hills all the way. A few villages but nothing in the way of food, accommodation etc. Camped out in the jungle.

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