Thursday, December 29, 2005

Day 118. Mae Chan to near Chiang Khong

Start: Mae Chan

End: 15 km north-west of Chiang Khong, Thailand

Distance: 122 km

Time: 6'57"

Avg: 17.5 k/h

Max: 43 k/h

Total: 7122 km

Total riding days: 76

Riding hours: 0730 - 1730

Camped in a haystack. Good deep-fried bananas in Mae Chan this morning. Big barges coming down the Mekong carrying cartons of apples from China. Passed the "Golden Triangle" point where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet - formerly and perhaps still a centre for opium smuggling. Seems like tourism is bigger business now though - there is an opium museum....

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