Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Day 75 - Near Tuan Giao to Son La

Start: At the pass above Tuan Giao, Vietnam
End: Son La, Son La province, Vietnam
Distance: 71 km
Time: 4'10"
Avg: 16.9 k/h
Max: 44 k/h
Total: 4714 km
Total riding days: 54
Roadkill: none. A good day for animals. Except that probably means someone else has already eaten them all.
Riding hours: 0730 - 1230

The morning's promised views were swallowed by a thick fog that covered the pass.

Some nice bread rolls half way, though, in Thuan Chau.

Pretty easy riding, with just a little pass at the end to warm up the legs.


  1. Safe Journeys!

    I'm a moonlight wanderer,
    On an endless journey,
    Of beauty and intrigue,
    What days may dawn...

  2. Chinese border authorities...
    Broken freehub in the middle of 'Nam...

    It could only be an Ed Genochio epic trek.

    At least there's no Mongolian horsemen kicking around to make your life TOO interesting ;)

    Keep it up!