Thursday, November 10, 2005

Day 69 - Sapa to Lai Chau

Start: Sapa, Vietnam
End: Lai Chau, Vietnam - but not THE Lai Chau. There seem to be two Lai Chaus, and this is the one nearer Sapa, that is called something like Tam Duong on most maps
Distance: 75 km
Time: 4'41"
Avg: 16.1 k/h
Max: 49 k/h
Total: 4330 km
Total riding days: 50
Roadkill: a big, fat snake
Riding hours: 1330 - 1820

What a difference a freehub makes! Thank you Michael Zhao at Decathlon Shanghai for arranging that. I can now pedal and turn the wheel, which makes a big difference in terms of riding a bicycle.

I left Sapa rather late (it was starting to feel like home, had to tear myself away...), and got benighted, finishing the ride in the dark and pouring rain. In fact it rained, hard, almost all day. Luckily I had seen most of the view a week earlier, on my aborted exit from Sapa before the freehub finally kaputed.

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