Saturday, July 23, 2005

Recent deaths: Cardinal Sin and John Peel, and the end of Mark and Lard.

I have just learnt that Cardinal Sin, a name so perfectly composed that it needs no conjuring, died on June 21st this year. Whether or not the Philippines have lost a great archbishop is not for me to judge; but the whole world will mourn the passing of a Great Name.

John Peel was lost to his family, BBC radio, and the world, last year, and the airwaves will never hum quite the same way again.

Another loss to radio last year was the shutting down of Radio 1's Mark and Lard combo. I suppose the end had to come some time, but few people made listening to crap music more entertaining.

When I get back to the UK at the end of 2006, the radio will almost be a foreign country. Just so long a Charlotte Green is still there, there will still be something to come back to.

Here in Shanghai, I've been using the internet, at vast expense, to follow the Ashes cricket series through the dulcit tones of Blowers, Aggers, CMJ and, err, Merv Hughes (spot the odd one out) on TMS. Worth every jiao.


  1. You've got a bit of catching up to do, Ed. Has news of the death of Queen Victoria or the sinking of the Titanic reached Shanghai yet? (We won the Great War on penalties, by the way.)

    Charlotte Green is still on the airwaves, although sadly I believe Vaughan Savage - great name, one of my favourite Radio 4 newsreaders - has recently retired.

    Also, can I put in a plug for my new blog? It's (meant to be) about journalism, and as such has nothing to do with cycling, but is well worth checking out. It's at

    Looking forward to having you back in England, Ed.

  2. Good grief, QV dead? What horror. I think I will go into 40 year mourning. Poor Prince Albert, he must miss her terribly.

    As for the Titanic, yes, we heard about that out here, lots of people died though it was worth it because they made a nice song about it which everyone can karaoke to very nicely. And frankly I thought that Leonardo di Crapio was an irritating little git anyway so I'm not too upset abnout the whole thing.

    Sam, you should know that your blog is censored by the Chinese authorities, and frankly I don't blame them, god knows what kind of filth you put on it. So unfortunately all of 2wheels' China-based fans, and that includes me, if no-one else, will be unable to read your pearls of wisdom and/or goggle at your pictures of scantily-clad Dartmoor ponies.

    Another reason to make haste for the motherland.

    I believe that Michael Fish has been chased into retirement since I last trod Albion's verdant shores, too.


  3. Vaughan Savage is still alive on Radio 3 for sure - I've just heard him read the news.