Saturday, July 23, 2005

News Just In from Shanghai Century Park Managament Company Ltd.

Rules posted at the entrance to Century Park in Pudong, Shanghai. (Everything is [sic].)

According to "Shanghai Park Management Rules", tourists entering the park shall obey these rules.

1. Tourists shall obey the opening hours of the park, Tourists should enter the park with valid card or ticket, The children under 1.2 m or psychopath are not allowed to enter the park by themselves

2. Tourists entering the park shall obey the “seven prohibitions” norms for Shanghai residents, prohibit relieve the bowels everywhere, paste advertisement, scribble, damage the equipments. Prohibit barebacked or lie on the floor, wash clothes, glean and beg, prohibit climb the rockery, or swim in the river, prohibit playing the soccer or flying kites. (except in allowable places)

3. Prohibit tease or catch the Aves, cricket fish and hexapod (except allowable place). Prohibit entering the park with animal, prohibit damaging the vegetation or trees, cultivating flowers, catching hydrophyte.

4. Prohibit carrying arms and ammunition, combustible and explosives or other dangerous articles into the park, prohibit setting off the firecracker, barbeque or encampment (except allowable places)

5. Prohibit disturbing other per people in the park. The team play shall obey the management department of the park. Prohibit make a speech, assemblage or pass around the hat without permission, prohibit doing activities of superstition, gambling or the behaviours not allowed by the law and regulations. Prohibit set up the small stall, practise medicine or serve round the handbill in the park.

6. The vehicles are prohibit from entering the park without permission (except the specially vehicles used by disabled person). Vehicles allowed to enter the park should steer slowly in the park with permission.


Shanghai Virescence Management Bureau



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