Friday, September 15, 2006

Now that's what I call breakfast

All photos and text copyright Edward Genochio 2006


  1. ummmmmm, so did you make it back???

  2. And how much of it ended up in your beard?

  3. good to be home then, hey? Welcome back

  4. Welcome home. Next time you pop out for a bike ride, turn right at the A38 not left.'s a much shorter trip!!

    It's been a blast following your adventure. Congratualtions and thank you from all those who wish they'd gone in your place.ctzdsb

  5. Hey! Are you back home!?!? Great journey!

  6. Beans and egg on toast with gammon. Yum, Yum. Good on ya mate. Come over to the states and cycle across USA and Canada. It should be easy for you.

  7. I heard a rumour somewhere that you don't get potato scones in England. Is this true?

  8. I leave the room, the music stops everything happens and I even miss breakfast.

  9. I just watched donald trump (totally wedged up septic) on the box giving it some about some load a pony and his syrup looks like your beard. You should send him an email to see if he's interested in getting his hands on some qualitay thatch for his patch?

    Could be worth it's weight in Gooold!

    Well done on the trip old chum, if you eva down loondaan way pop in for some jellied eels, cockles, whinkles or pie n mash.

  10. I can't understand Cockerney Ken too well. Is this because I am from the land of lochs, rolling hills, kilts, midges and potato scones?

    I went looking for a nice picture of aforementioned totty scones, which accompany the cooked breakfast where I come from, and I did find some - but this picture is altogether more entertaining.

  11. Congratumalations my good man! You've proven all the naysayers wrong.

    For completion's sake you should now proceed directly to Land's End. It's only 2 or so days away from Exeter, plus it has a legitimate honest-to-god finish line!

    All the best mate

  12. Ed, just heard your interview on crankk. Nice distraction from work at 6am.

    Amazing ride indeed.

  13. have you finished that breakfast yet? I had this idea probably not good nor sensible. It was an idea however of which I was proud enough at the time.

  14. hi,

    coungratulations!! for coming home by bike too. i just came to beijing few weeks thinking what to do next by bike...



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