Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yushu (Jyegu / Jyekundo), Qinghai, China - before the earthquake: April 2006

Photographs from Yushu (Jyegu / Jyekundo), before the earthquake.

Looking north-east over Yushu town

Yushu (Jyegu) town from the south-west

Children's rides in the park in Yushu (Jyegu), Qinghai, China

Prayer flags on the hillside above Yushu

Prayer flags on the hillside above Yushu

Yushu town centre

Buildings around the monastery at Jyegu / Yushu, Qinghai, China

Buildings just outside the centre of Yushu

Hearts graffiti on earth wall, Yushu / Jyegu, China

Yak statue, central square, Yushu (Jyegu), Qinghai, China

Classroom, school, Yushu (Jyegu / Jyekundo), Qinghai, China
Statue of King Gesar, Yushu

Jiegu Movie Theater, central square, Yushu, Qinghai, China

A boy looks up at the giant statue of King Gesar in Yushu, Qinghai, China

Men experiment boiling a kettle on a solar cooker in Yushu (Jyegu), Qinghai, China

Supermarket in Yushu, Jyegu, Qinghai, China

Prayer wall in Yushu county near Jyegu town, Qinghai, China


  1. Fantastic images Ed. It all looked so very, very serene (well, discounting old King Gesar, who looks a bit narked).

  2. I really, REALLY, wish I could of visited. Especially after seeing these photos.

    As of August 2011, about 120km from Yushu, locals told me that there was nothing there except for building cranes, trucks, and concrete slabs being put up. Great, another city being re-built to look like all other Chinese cities.

    We were told that they may require a permit to get into the town. No tourists because there was nothing there except a massive construction pit. There were mixed stories, but the common one was "there is nothing there".

    Too sad.

    Tashi Delay,

  3. this images look great, Qinghai is in the west of China, I have been there.