Sunday, August 07, 2005

To beard, or not to beard

March 2004:

January 2005:

December 2006:

Seeking your guidance on this... should the beard come back for the return journey?


  1. The beard makes you look about 10 years older, but that might not be a bad thing. You can always shave 10 years off you appearance by removing it.

  2. How about a compromise - beard comes back but you trim it every now and again ... once you've had a beard you're never clean shaven for long without being tempted to grow it back - in case you were wondering I have full beard in winter, goatee in summer ;-)

  3. i'm not sure. I think you look more handsome wiithout the beard, but you're probably not trying to attract me. Didn't The Tzar of Russia ban beards? Maybe you should grow a beard, but wear a sking coloured surgical mask.
    Yes. I think that's the answer.

  4. Definately the beard. It is a wonderful 'wild' beard. I'm currently growing one at this time, in hope of getting to something like the one in your photo. It is impressive, and not many guys can reach that kind of stage. You should be proud.